How it works

With Nano-Crystalline technology, the Smooth Days Hair Remover effectively removes hairs from areas such as your arms, underarms, and even smaller areas such as fingers and toes. Our product will also exfoliate and help to prevent ingrown hairs. With weekly use it will slow down hair regrowth as well.

  •  Use on completely dry skin or towel dried damp skin after a shower. Best used on clean skin
  • Do not use with running water as this will stop the Crystal plate from working and will stop its functionality
    Do not use on the same spot over and over vigorously because 6is will make the skin become sensitive as the second function of the plate is too exfoliate
    Do a test patch before use as all skin types and hairs are different. Some areas with thicker hair may need extra time or more pressure where as some areas with thin hairs may need lighter pressurE
  • Depending on how thick and dense your hair is, it may take longer in some areas so please be patient with your hair remover and keep rubbing
  • Moisture after 30 minutes to let your skin rest
  • Once finished, rinse your hair remover under running water and leave on a towel crystal plate down to air dry 

If you have any questions on how to use it please reach out to us at