• Save $$$ on razors

    Save money and get closer shaves than a razor. No more ingrown hairs, no more razor burns, just smooth skin for years to come

  • Eco-conscious

    Look good, feel great. Going green just got a lot easier. You won’t be throwing out plastic razors every time they go rusty

  • Easy to use

    Wash the skin area and pat dry. Then using your hair remover, rub the area in circular motions until skin is hair free. Wash and leave to dry

  • FREE Worldwide Shipping

    We are proud to say we can ship your hair remover to you all around the world for FREE
    No postage fees at checkout

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Why Smooth Days?

Our removers have no sharp edge so no cuts or harsh abrasions. Our removers won’t leave you with friction burns like other brands would.

Hair-free has never been easier

The easiest way to be hair free. Use on the go, at the beach, at the gym, in the office, wherever and whenever you want

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